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3 Drills to practice at the driving-range

Your time at the driving range is valuable, which means that every second of your practice can be beneficial to your golfing game. Aimlessly hitting the ball can take away focus from the real reason you’re out at the driving range- to head over to the golf course and show off your skills. Practice these…


Junior Golf: Teaching your Kids to Play and Enjoy Golf

Starting a new sport can be daunting- especially when you’re a kid. Golf is one of those sports- the intimidation might be grave, but the pay-off is greater!  Junior golf is very popular and helps instil discipline as well as help define a solid platform to help create an excellent golfer. Teaching your child golf…


The Beginners guide to Golf (Golfing 101)

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere and if not at the beginning, then where else? The adage of throwing someone into the deep isn’t really applicable when talking about the seemingly “elite” sport of Golfing. Fairly stigmatised as the sport where most business deals are conducted, golf’s reputation can often ward off new players. Like all novices,…


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Optimizing your practice time at the Driving Range

We all know the “time is money” pain of the never-ending rat race. That is why optimizing your time is so important. Remember that quality over quantity will always triumph, especially at the driving range. Here are our trusted golf tips on how to fully maximise your limited time at the driving range. Set Goals…


Top Tips for Choosing a Golf Coach

Perfecting a golf swing requires a lot of practice, focus and energy. Luckily, there are professionals who dedicate their lives to helping their fellow golfers perfect their game. Whether you’re looking to become a PGA champ, or just want to champion fellow golfers at your local tournament, a golfing coach can help you perfect aspects…