Looking for a Golf driving range in Cape Town, come visit The Golf Village. Whether you’re a veteran or brand new to the game, come take advantage of our facilities and you’ll get exactly what you need to fulfill that practice session you were after. Our focus is on your game to ensure that our facilities replicate all the elements you’ll need to prepare yourself for the golf course. Entry as a visitor gives you unlimited balls!

Golf driving range in Cape Town | The Golf Village

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If you’re new to the game, please don’t feel intimidated. It’s a place for you to let go and relax. We’re here to help you feel at ease, so that when you hit that course – you’ll be ready 🙂

As a day guest, you get full access once you enter the facility to practice your golf.

Golf Village Visitors Rates

Facilities include:

  • Unlimited balls
  • Driving Range – with target greens
  • Putting (greens sponsored by Marshalls World of Sport)
  • Bunkers
  • Chipping/pitching

Visitors Fee’s are as follows:

  • Mondays: R99 (grass day)
  • Tuesdays: R79 (before 1pm) or R89 (1pm)
  • Wednesdays: R79 (before 1pm) or R89 (1pm)
  • Thursdays: R99 (grass day)
  • Fridays: R79 (before 1pm) or R99 (after 1pm)
  • Saturdays: R99
  • Sundays & Public Holidays: R99

Take note of Operating hours please

Contact us

Tygervalley Golf Village Welcome desk: 021 948 5673
Somerset West Golf Village Welcome desk: 021 852 8600
Kenilworth Golf Village Welcome desk: 021 761 6007
Email: digital@pro-range.co.za

Or keep in touch via our social media platforms…

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Note: A separate fee of R35 applies to the adventure golf at Tygervalley

If you’re looking for a Golf driving range in Cape Town – Please come join us!


Golf driving range cape town

This video shows you how to practice at the golf driving range

YouTube link

Says Wikipedia about “driving ranges”
“A Golf driving range is an area where golfers can practice their golf swing. It can also be a recreational activity itself for amateur golfers. Distances are usually marked by target greens at regular distances. Driving ranges may have natural grass, similar to a golf course, or players may have to use synthetic mats that resemble real turf.”

“Often there are golf professionals available to give lessons and instruction. Balls are retrieved by a specialty cart with a brush and roller attachment that automatically picks up balls and a cage that protects the driver from incoming balls. In urban and suburban areas, large nets protect surrounding people and structures from errant balls. Some driving ranges also offer areas for practice chip shots, bunker shots, and putting.”

“Golf Driving ranges may use golf balls that differ significantly from those used on the golf course. Range balls, as they are known, are often cheap and specially designed with a harder cover to make them more durable.”