Rules and Regulations – Momentum Golf Villages

Momentum Golf Villages are self-regulating facilities and the same fundamental rules & regulations that pertain to golf courses are used on the range. The rules of golf are meticulous, precise and intensely detailed. Like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, each rule is there for the safety of yourself and others around you, to ensure that all players enjoy the facility based on etiquette and respect.

1)      Players should always show consideration for other players on the range and should not disturb their play. Members should ensure that where possible, devices such as cell phones are turned onto silent mode.

2)      People should not stand too close or directly behind the bays when players are practicing.

3)      Players should only take practice swings inside the bays or demarcated areas.

4)      On the putting green players should not stand on another players line of putt or when making a putt cast a shadow over his line of putt. Never walk through another players putting line, rather step over or preferably walk around it.

5)      Players should ensure that no damage is done to the putting green when removing the lollipops and placing them on the green.

6)      Players should not lean on their clubs when on the putting greens, particularly when removing the ball from the hole.

7)      All lollipops are to be replaced in the putting cups once you have finished putting.

8)      Players must please remove the balls from the putting green and putting cups and place them back in ball dispenser when finished.

9)      Members should practice at a good pace. With the exception of obtaining more balls, no breaks and booking of bays is allowed. If you are not practicing, vacate the bay and allow another member to use it.

10)   Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints made by them. A rake is available at each bunker and should be used for this purpose. No unused balls are to be left in the bunker.

11)   Players should avoid causing damage to the range by removing divots when taking practice shots or by hitting the head of the club into the ground on grass days.

12)   Practice balls are the property of Momentum Golf Villages. Under no circumstances are members allowed to remove the balls from the range. Theft is a crime and anyone found stealing balls will be prosecuted accordingly.

13)   Practice tees are the property of Momentum Golf Villages. Under no circumstances are members allowed to remove the tees from the range. Theft is a crime and anyone found stealing balls will be prosecuted accordingly.

14)   Tees that are broken during practicing are to be picked up and handed to the ops officer so that it can be replaced.

15)   Players are to ensure that all papers and litter is to be removed from the practice area and place in the bins provided.

16)   Players are at all times to be aware of equipment and greens keepers on the range and are to avoid hitting them at all times. Players who are seen to be aiming for them will be asked to leave and membership to the range will be revoked without a refund.

17)   Players are to ensure that they do not hit balls towards the freeways or towards any billboards or marketing that may be placed on the range.

18)   Although balls are continuously washed and screened, balls that are found by members that are unfit for play must please be handed to the ops officer on duty. A ball is unfit for play if it is visibly cut, cracked or out of shape. A ball is not unfit for play solely because of mud, or its surface is scratched or scrapped or its paint is damaged or discoloured.

19)   Players are to supply and use there own tees on grass days. No tees will be supplied on these days.

20)   Players are not to remove the synthetic inlays from the rubber mats and place them on the grass on grass days.

21)   Players are not to play on any grass areas with the exception of grass days (Mondays and Thursdays – see operating hours) and within the demarcated areas. Players who breach this rule will be asked to leave the facility and will not be refunded.

22)   Players are not to hit balls over pathways.

23)   Players are not to chip onto or off the putting greens.

24)   Players are to adhere to recommendations or instructions given to them by marshals with regards to the rules and regulations that are documented here in. Any failure to comply will result in the player been requested to leave the facility without a refund.

25)   Members are to ensure that non playing guests do not use the facility. Non playing guests who are found to be using the facility will be asked to leave along with the member they are accompanying. The member will have no claim to a refund in such cases.

26)   Balls are unlimited; however members are to take one bucket at a time only.

27)   Empty ball buckets are to be returned to the bag stand by the members once the member has finished practicing.

28)   If the facility, greens or specific areas are deemed to be unfit for play, the area may be closed for usage and the member will have no recourse with regards to that decision. Area’s closed for play will be closed without prior notification.

29)   Members are not allowed to tip staff members for assisting them in any way.

30)   If a member notices that a mat is torn or damaged, either before practicing commences or during practice he should notify the marshal immediately.

31)   Members are not to play or walk over areas that are marked area under repair.

32)   Members are to wear closed shoes whilst practicing. No slops or open shoes are to be worn whilst practicing. We request that members show decorum in their choice of dress whilst at the Momentum Golf Village.

33)   Although children on the range are allowed, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure the safety of your child and that the child adheres to the etiquette of the range.

34)   Momentum Golf Villages will not be held responsible for loss or damage sustained to property belonging to any member and/or their guests.

35)   Momentum Golf Village reserves the right to close all or part of the facility for maintenance or ball collection periods during the day and members and/or guests may be requested to move to facilitate the process.

36)   Momentum Golf Villages reserves the right to amend or change the rules and regulations as it deems fit and all the members and or guests are obliged to comply with these rules and regulations.

37)   Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

38)   Children who are under the age of 12 – that are not accompanied by an adult – will be asked to leave the driving range area.


  • Freezing requests will only be authorized for the following reasons:
    • Ill health – A Doctor’s note supporting this information must be handed in on completion of your Freezing Form
    • Pregnancy – A Doctor’s note supporting this information must be handed in on completion of your Freezing Form
    • Overseas / Extended Business Trips – Sufficient proof of this trip must be supplied in advance (i.e. Flight tickets / proof of accommodation etc.)
    • Religious reasons – Subject to approval
  • All above reasons can only be authorized and processed once supporting documentation received. Failure to do so will result in the freezing not being processed.
  • A request to Freeze a membership must be done in writing by completing a Freezing Request Form and receiving a Proof of Receipt Document, and handing in the relevant supporting documentation on request. The POR Document must be given to the customer as reference. This must be done at the Range / Club Welcome desk.
  • Memberships may be frozen for a minimum of 2 month and a maximum of 6 months.
  • Freezing period will always be a full calendar month. This will be from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month
  • Memberships paying a monthly membership fee will be charged a monthly freezing fee via D/O, which will be calculated at a third of their Monthly D/O fee.
  • Upfront memberships will be charged a monthly freezing fee that must be settled upfront, which will be calculated at a third of the Monthly value, and multiplied by the amount of months they would like to freeze.
  • Upfront and D/O members initial periods (12month / 24months agreements) will be extended by the requested freezing period, as the Freezing period cannot be calculated at usage of your initial membership period.
  • Only memberships that are on an active status can be frozen.
  • Only memberships with no outstanding arrears can be frozen.
  • Short term memberships [1, 2 and 3 month memberships] may not be frozen.
  • All membership on a frozen status will be included in the annual CPI increase.

If a member has a different person as Payer of the Membership Agreement, the Payers contact details and signature must be obtained and completed on the Freezing Request Form, and will be verified by the Range / Club Administrator.

The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to the facility and others at all times. Sportsmanship, discipline and courtesy is the spirit of the game of golf and by abiding by the rules and regulations allows the rest of us to appreciate the beauty of the game.

Have fun!!