Golf Village Visitors

Feel like a practice session, or brand new to the game and you need someone to hold your hand through the early stages? Take advantage of our facilities and you’ll get exactly what you need. Our focus is on your game to ensure that we replicate all the facilities you’ll need to prepare yourself for the golf course. Entry gives you unlimited balls!

Facilities & Rates

If you’re new to the game, please don’t feel intimidated by golf. It’s a place for you to let go and relax. We’re here to help you feel at ease, so that when you hit that course – you’ll be ready! As a day guest, you get full access once you enter the facility to practice your golf.

Facilities Include

  • Unlimited balls
  • Driving Range
  • Putting Green
  • Bunkers
  • Chipping
  • Pitching

Visitor Rates

  • Adults R109
  • Students and Pensioners R89

VKV Kids Village

  • Adults R40
  • Kids R35

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