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A Brief History of the Sunshine Tour

A Brief History of the Sunshine Tour The Sunshine Tour was founded in 1971. For much of its existence it was actually known as the South African Tour or the FNB Tour. In the 2000-01 season the tour was rebranded to The Sunshine Tour, this to increase the tour’s overall appeal. The Tour has been…


The best golfers of 2020

The Best Golfers of 2020

The Best Golfers of 2020 The 3 best golfers of 2020 (and who to watch out for). 2020 might be remembered as the year in which golf was offline… However, as the tees start to fly again, we ranked three of the best golf players on the planet right now. Our pick for the top…


The Best of the Best: South Africa’s Golf Superstars

THE BEST OF THE BEST: South Africa’s Golf Superstars South Africa has always been known to produce amazing sport stars and when it comes to golf, we definitely hit a hole in one… We’ve compiled a list of the best in golf SA has to offer: Gary Player In the first place we have golf…


Golf Terminology

Golfing Terminology: The Basics If you’re new to the game, please don’t feel intimidated by golf. It’s a place for you to let go and relax. Don’t let factors such as the golf terminology put you off the wonderful game. We’re here to help you feel at ease, so that when you hit that course…



The World’s Top Golf Courses in South Africa

As one of the oldest sports, golf is still widely celebrated. Gateway published an article on 3 of the world’s top 100 golf courses in South Africa which was based on Golfscape’s top 100 golf courses. Three South African golf courses feature within the top 30 of the top 100 golfing destinations, which include Fancourt…


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The Best Golf Shots of All Time

Watching your favourite golfers descend on the Augusta National Golf Club is definitely a highlight for golfing fans across the world. Although we might not be able to witness Tiger defend his 2019 title, or watch the famous green jacket be bestowed to the 2020 Master champion; we can still find solace in some of…


Best Value for Money Golf Courses in South Africa

Golf is expensive! From excessive green fees to over exorbitant golf equipment as you upgrade your skills- there’s no way to get around the financial burden golf can have on one’s wallet. Although golf is a genuine fun and exciting sport, many people simply can’t afford golf anymore.  Luckily, there are options out there for…


Top Golf Courses in The Western Cape

So, you’ve spent hours and hours at the driving range, perfecting your golf game to a tee (pun intended). You’ve finally reached that point where you’re ready to venture out into the world of golf courses. The question is, where should you take your skills? From the beautiful rolling valleys of the Winelands to scenic…


Best 3 SA Golf players of All Time

South Africa has truly been one of the strongest producers of golfers throughout the world. They have not only dominated the local sunshine tour, but has also been forced to reckon with in the international competitions. From the Black Knight, who entered onto each golf course like a valiant knight going into battle, to the…


New Handicap System of 2020

A new handicap system has arrived, and we are here to help you make sense of all the confusion. The system was designed by The R&A and the USGA to simplify and place all the game of golf under a singular set of rules. It’s bringing with it some amazing changes to the worldwide system,…


3 Golf Drills to practice at the driving-range

Your time at the driving range is valuable, which means that every second of your practice can be beneficial to your golfing game. Aimlessly hitting the ball can take away focus from the real reason you’re out at the driving range- to head over to the golf course and show off your skills. Practice these…


Junior Golf – Teaching your Kids to Play and Enjoy Golf

Starting a new sport can be daunting- especially when you’re a kid. Golf is one of those sports- the intimidation might be grave, but the pay-off is greater!  Junior golf is very popular and helps instil discipline as well as help define a solid platform to help create an excellent golfer. Teaching your child golf…